So at the moment, No Campaign is actually written out here, but I do have it all written and thought out elsewhere. Right now I’m looking for one or a handful of players who can meet with my current group. Unfortunately there aren’t enough people among my friends and friends of friends with interest and time to form a solid group, so here I am.

I have two campaigns in mind, and depending on the interest I get in people who want to play, and can do so, we can play either of them. Both of them however will be running Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition, and we will also be using a subset of rules called E6, I’ll explain that in a second. Provisionally, I don’t have any restrictions to class and race, except that nothing can come from the Underdark. Additionally, discretion in building a character is appreciated. On that note, E6.

For those of you unfamiliar, E6 is a set of rules which, as the name somewhat denotes, modifies the existing 3.5 rules in this way: There is no level progression past Level 6. What this entails is that fourth level and above spells cannot be achieved, and also any magic items which would requires fourth level or above spells can’t be crafted. Instead, any experience you get past level 6 is accrued, and can be spent for an additional selection of Feats which do various things to make up for this. For instance, experience points can be spent to purchase +1 ability score, Extra spell slots per day (but not any spells above level 4), and for some classes, the rules are adjusted slightly to allow for Defining class skills or abilities which are gained after level 6. For a more detailed and perhaps Better explanation, Read the actual E6 rules and explanation Here

Lastly, my intention to start at level 3; this is flexible downwards, not upwards.

The Marker is a little misleading, the people I know are generally interested in playing somewhere in the phoenix area, But Most of us, as I understand it, make our homes on the west side of the valley. Personally, I don’t mind driving places, or giving people rides. Please shoot me a Private Message if interested, or with any questions

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